DGTH 시리즈


Ball Screw Lead:2/6/12(mm)
Maximum Speed (Horizontal):≦100/≦300/≦600(mm/s)
Maximum Speed (Vertical):≦100/≦300/≦600(mm/s)
Maximum Payload (Horizontal):≦25/≦20/≦12 (kg)
Maximum Payload (Vertical):≦8/≦5/≦2 (kg)
Rated Thrust:827/276/138(N)
Stroke/Pitch :50-800 / 50 pitch (mm)

*The maximum speed shown here is when software speed setting is 100%
* The maximum speed and maximum payload cannot exist at the same time . Please refer to diagram of Speed and payload curve before using.
* When the stroke is over 550 mm, the run-out of the ballscrew will occur. We recommend to low down the working speed under this circumstances.